Human Resources and Security Bureau

Build Secondary data service platform


To solve the problem of backup and recovery verification of core production database, eCloudtech provides eCloud Data Master (CDM) solutions for data protection and secondary data service.

Project Problems

Customer has two data centers to resist disaster accidents and ensure business continuity. The backup center is under planning and has the responsibility to prevent human errors and logical errors.           

Customer used traditional backup system, it took long time to complete the backup every week. The more difficulty in the fact that it was difficult to verify the effectiveness of the backup operation, which was a huge risk to the IT operation and maintenance guarantee. System testing is difficult to arrange if system has optimization and upgrading request.

How eCloudTech helps

eCloudTech eCloud Data Master (CDM) provides modernization backup platform for large-scale and complex databases of human resources customer. By using multiple virtual snapshots function, system provided quick copy mount and recovery verification, which realizes the verification of the effectiveness of backup. At the same time, it can be used as simulation test before the application upgrade, that greatly improves the work efficiency. It helps customer to easily operation and maintenance.