State Grid Electric Power Company

Productive system upgrade


The integrated solution of Copy Data Management to upgrade the productive system, buildup an efficient platform which become the benchmark case in the power industry.

Project Problems

As the IT construction in the power industry is not unified, it is difficult to promote the informatization construction of power industry. Investment cost is large. The traditional architecture has encountered a bottleneck in the speed of backup and recovery, which has been unable to meet the RTO requirements. The utilization rate of backup data is low, and the data fails to play its potential value. To provide better services for users is the development trend, which puts forward higher requirements for data collection and management capabilities.

How eCloudTech helps

eCloudTech has transformed the core production system and disaster recovery system for user, offer appliance with eCloud Data Master (CDM) data management platform that provided efficient backup protection, and built a unified platform with data acquisition, data use and data management. The system makes use of the architecture advantage of computing storage integration to achieve real resource pooling and build a reliable and flexible database cluster.