China Mobile

Build the largest CDM data management platform


To solves the problem of recovery and backup data verification of large-scale in databases and virtual machines, completely replaces the original NBU system by manage 6PB data volume in total. It is a successful case of the largest data scale based on CDM technology in China market.

Project Problems

Customer was running wide variety of applications and databases with hundreds of nodes. It is hardly to meet data backup and instant data recovery request that increase exponentially as data grows. Regulatory departments ask for data verification and recovery requirements frequently and need to regularly implement recovery drills to verify the validity of data.

How eCloudTech helps 

eCloudTech eCloud Data Master (CDM) built the copy data management platform, generate golden copy of the native-disk format from the production database and VM virtualization platform, which can be immediately mounted to the application server for recovery drill.

Taking full advantage of CDM products, the quick copy function of the golden copy helps users verify the validity of backup data and perform emergency recovery drills to meet regulatory requirements. The RTO recovery time was shortened from the original hour/day level to the minute level, and the system recovery exercise was increased from semi-annual to daily.