eCloud Data Motion

Disaster Recovery Business ManagementApplication-level disaster recoveryData-level disaster recoveryReal-time Resource Monitoring (ecRSM)Business View Management:- Complex inter-group business monitor

  • Disaster Recovery Business Management

    • Application-level disaster recovery

    • Data-level disaster recovery

  • Real-time Resource Monitoring (ecRSM)

    • Business View Management:

      - Complex inter-group business monitoring, and dependency logical relationship switching

      - Millisecond-level process monitoring to ensure efficient and timely monitoring and switching

      - Intelligent mesh communication, with unlimited horizontal expansion of nodes

  • Real-time Data Replication

    ecBDR    ecFSR

- Based on standard block devices (no additional dependency packages)

- Mirroring and real-time disaster recovery and replication, with specified volume replication

- Extensive support for many Linux versions and cross-version replication

- Support for multiple block devices to form a device group, with consistent write data within the group

- One-to-many replication of multiple storage devices, with independent primary and secondary settings in multiple replication relationships

- Transparent and non-sensitive application, no need for silence, ensuring data consistency

- Real-time file IO replication with guaranteed IO timing

- Support for combined whitelist and blacklist configuration: allows specified files or directories to be replicated to a whitelist; when most of the files in a directory need to be replicated, but a few do not, the directory can be specified with a whitelist and the files that do not need to be replicated can be excluded with a blacklist

- Support for combined prefix and suffix configuration: to specify certain directories: use the pre-fix list; to specify certain types of files: use the suffix list

- Support for dynamic addition of files to be replicated and addition of new files or directories to the replication list during the replication

- Support for cross-platform replication, such as from X86 to ARM and from ARM to X86



  • Consistency Assurance

     - Replicator supports device consistency groups to ensure consistency of data transfer group

     - IO intelligent identification enables consistency processing when submitting IO in the same group

     - Data flow logging ensures data timing and consistency, without data loss

  • Timed Replication of Massive Small Files (FileSync)

     - Timing synchronous replication of super-large file systems,specially optimized for massive small files, with up to billions of filespracticed in projects with a capacity of nearly 100 petabytes

     - Support for cross-storage brand disaster recovery and replicationindependent of proprietary protocols for storage hardware

     - Support for cross-NAS/S3 storage system disaster recovery andreplication independent of storage file access protocols

     - Support for intelligent incremental scanning of general NASstorage, saving incremental scanning time

     - Support for intelligent feature recognition of incremental S3storage, saving incremental scanning time

     - Multi-threaded intelligent partition scanning and multi-threadedmulti-node concurrent transmission to support mixed working mode ofscanning while transmission

     - Support for slicing, obfuscation, encryption and compression duringtransmission to ensure data security and improve transmission efficiency