eCloud Edgeware Appliance

Copy Data Management (CDM) technology enhances data fluidity and agility, ensures efficient and trustworthy use of data and connects enterprise data silos for various applications.Supports hybrid multi-cloud data services at all times and platforms.

eCloud Edgeware appliance is an integrated delivery product sequence for edge branches and small and medium-sized enterprises in the DataFlex family. It can be used for local backup and recovery of enterprise data and can also be combined with cloud infrastructure to achieve a variety of application scenarios for enterprise replica data assets such as cloud retention of backup data, backup to the cloud and mass storage to the cloud.

Edgeware is based on compact rackmount servers, power consumption, noise and cost performance, featuring high performance, stability and environmental adaptability. It integrates the best practices of eCloudTech's large-scale high-end enterprise services for tuning through hardware and software integration and comes pre-installed with eCloudTech's Copy Operating System (COS), thus providing the convenience of out-of-the-box CDM software products. The eCloud CDMP SaaS Management Platform enables tenant business opening, equipment O&M, and business monitoring, making it an ideal choice for enterprise customer data go-live on the cloud.