• Overview

图片关键词eCloudTech is a China local vendor founded in 2015.  eCloudTech sticks to product self-development around data protection and storage technology, has 40 independent intellectual property, get qualified CMMI-3, High-Tech Enterprise, ISO9001, 14001, 27001, Software Enterprise, Credit rating AAA.  eCloudTech has more than 100 employees, up to 60% from R&D technical team.

Headquarter was located in Nanjing city Jiangsu Province,  with 4 Branches Offices at Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Guizhou in China.

• Vision 

eCloudTech  is committed to provide best-in-class CDM product to enterprise customers to engage backup modernization and DevOps, blooming the value of data services.   

• Results 

In the past 4 years, eCloudTech continued to keep sequential and year-on-year growth. eCloudTech served more than 100 customers from various industry,mainly focus on the Carrier, Bank, securities, Energy, Government and Large Enterprise customers in China market. Leveraging ecosystem alliance with storage, public cloud and hyper-convergence partners, to provide multi-cloud data management with On-Premise and SaaS. 

• History


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eCloudTech HeadquarterBEIJING OFFICE

Address: Room 309, Building A, Fuying Tower, No 99, TuanJie 

Road, NanJing City, JiangSu Province, China

Address: Room 712, Building C, TongTai Tower, No 33, financial 


Contact Tel: 025-5811 7751SHANGHAI OFFICE
Service Tel: 400-828-1990

Address: Room 1006, Unicom Tower, No 1003, ChangNing Road, 

Shanghai, China

Channel email: channel@ecloudtech.com
Contact email: contact@ecloudtech.com

Address: Room 1705, Building B, YingSheng Tower, No 16, MaChang Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China


Address: Huangguoshu (Chuanyu) Electricity industrial park, AnShun City, GuiZhou Province, China