Commercial Bank

Build R&D data services platform


To solve the difficulty of backup and recovery verification, test and development of data duplication problem, eCloud Data Master system implement a secondary data management platform.

Project Problems

After 20 years IT construction, customer has deployed three datacenters in multiple business domains. The solution is complex, multiple challenges that existing complex architecture cannot meet the needs of modern agile requirement.

How eCloudTech helps

eCloudTech eCloud Data Master (CDM) helps banks to build an efficient and secure secondary data service platform to achieve data protection between the three centers in the two places. Use the SLA tool one-way pipeline to synchronize production data to the other regional platform. The CDM in the R&D datacenter will statically desensitize the data and quickly deliver it to the development department to meet the data requirements of the testing department and build agile data services. Product leadership that reflects the technical capabilities of CDM's cross-domain replication domain and efficient data transfer rates.