Use Scenarios

  End-to-end Data Management vendor with capabilities of Data Backup, Data Storage, and Data Service

  • Data Maintenance Team

Provide modernized backup solution to improve RTO, RPO for enterprise customer, all while reducing cost, risk and complexity. eCloudTech provide copy data management solution support better CDM performance of large-RDBMS, infinite snapshot overlay for various data-source, faster and more flexible non-structure file backup/archive without limitation to NAS brands, S3 and HDFS. To help recovery validation and drill, emergency handover Scenarios, increasing efficiency and solve more critical tasks.

  • Devops/ Test Team

To meet agile data service requirement, quickly new features and functions upgrade, eCloudTech eCloud Data Master (CDM) support multiple virtual copies, infinite snapshot overlay, smart-cache in SDS, user development and test engineers can easily access data and build test & development environment in efficient way. Rapidly deploy new code and release new version of application, particularly in financial banking, stocking, insurance, and other test/develop scenarios.