Backup and Critical Capabilities 


Backup and Recovery Capabilities

Operating Systems

Support file system backup for all major OS


Virtual Machines 

Support VMware CBT, Hyper-V Agentless CDM, and Agent-based backup for other VMs

Support Platform backup for OpenStack, Huawei FusionCompute6.5

Plan to support Nutanix AHV CDM


Support copy date directly mounted to container persistent storage

Plan to support PV volumes and Kubernetes platform backup

Relational Databases

Support mainstream RDBMS CDM, including Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2_Linux&AIX, Dameng (local vendor)

Support RDBMS backup including Sybase, PostgreSQL, Intersystem Cache

Support local database backup including Tencent_TDSQL, Huawei_GaussDB, Gbase, Kingbase

In-Memory Databases

support SAP HANA CDM by Snapshot CBT driver

plan to support HANA backint

NoSQL Databases 

Backup MongoDB by open data sourcebut no integration of cluster coordination node

Public Cloud IaaS and PaaS

Support backup Aliyun ECS/RDS with native snapshot capabilities,

support local RDS instant recovery to local MySQL

Public Cloud Storage Backup Targets

Backup data to Alibaba Cloud, AWS Cloud, UCloud object-based storage, be mounted directly to cloud or Cloud-on from S3 archive

Public Cloud as DR Target

Archive data to public cloud S3,

support disaster recovery by using public cloud, replicate data from datacenter to public cloud cross

Branch Office 

Provide CDM-GW to backup/archive to Cloud Storage, support Cloud-on

Tape Backup


NAS Systems

Support general NAS NFS filesync with high-performance backup and mount-recovery, no need NDMP

Support POSIX/S3 copy recovery , Support fine-grained file copy recovery

Primary Storage Array Snapshot Integration

EMC iSilon